XDIT Taranaki Hotspot Server

Last Update:

 2 November 2020

XDIT Namibia is proud to announce yet another innovative product designed by XDIT Namibia! 
This product is designed to give full control back to Company owners / Lodge and Hotel Owners and even IT Managers on their Internet Resources for their company.

Our product have been installed all over Africa, and continues upgrades are made to ensure smooth operations inside your company network. The easy web front end management for this server is easy to use with full backup support from our technical department. The monthly costs include free upgrades, remote support and assistance with our product, all included!

Some features of our “Taranaki Server” includes, but not limited to:


  • Block access to any website not already blocked by default.

  • Open access to a certain website that has been blocked.

  • Block file type downloads like .mp3, .avi etc.

  • Block content and websites on keyword type like music, porn, games etc.

  • Allow access to certain sites only (you specify the sites).

  • Allow full access to only certain staff like Management.

  • Automated transparent proxy, no need for any proxy changes on browsers.

  • Authenticated browsing (staff need a username and password to browse the Internet).

  • Excluded IP addresses to bypass all rules (like servers).

  • Block access by MAC address.

  • Allow full access by MAC address.

  • Throttle Bandwidth used (limited Internet browsing to 512KB on 1MB ADSL line for example).

  • Fully control the list of websites to be blocked or to be unblocked.

  • Act as full state full firewall as well.

  • FULL REPORTING on User Internet Activities (sites, bandwidth, time, date)

  • SAVE HUGE on Internet costs by caching files like Windows Updates, frequent downloads like IOS6 updates etc.

* Create vouchers for your WIFI guest network, each user MUST have a voucher or NO ACCESS.

* You can choose the amount of data for each voucher, once the voucher is used up, they need to purchase another voucher.

* Recover your monthly Internet costs with our server.

* Protect your INTERNAL network from your WIFI guest network, MAJOR RISK !!!

Taranaki Hotspot Server

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