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Last Update:

11 September 2023

XDIT Namibia is proud to announce the 3rd Linux based product which will allow your company to connect to all your branches via a secured MPLS Type VPN link.

Able to apply this solution using Africa Online Wimax or ADSL solution.

This "MPLS type" network will allow you about all the MPLS type connections to and from each site you have. You will be able to connect from any one of your branches to any of your other branches across the country, using the internal IP addresses and not firewalling or NAT networks! As an IT administrator, you will be able to remotely connect to your branch servers via RDP, connect to your file servers or even print to other printers at your branch sites. You will be able to replicate Pastel data, Sync data across to your branch servers or use internal email for better communication.

Some features of our “XDIT MPLS VPN” service includes, but not limited to:

  • Connect seamlessly from your head office to any of your branch sites.

  • Connect from any of your branches to any of your other branches using internal routing between sites.

  • Have the ability for your IT department to do remote support to your branch site PC’s.

  • The ability to have Pastel replication between sites.

  • Have one central mail server and have all branches connect via the VPN link.

  • Control the Internet browsing centrally from Head office.

  • Print to other branch sites.

  • Monitor your IP cameras or Analogue cameras via your MPLS VPN link.

  • Connect to your branch file servers to save or retrieve files you need.

  • Able to travel to all sites and have access to your data at any site.

  • Deploy internal communication to all sites via network shares.

Tried and tested in Namibia, for Namibia!

MPLS VPN Service

Please contact us for your solution today!!

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