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Cellphone signal Booster

Last Update:

08 March 2017

Below all the products we can provide for MTC and Cell One / TN Mobile networks.

3 Basic services to consider namely 2G Band (900 and 1800 MHz), 3G Bands (2100 MHz) and 4G Band (LTE 1800 MHz)

We can provide Single Band, Duel Band or Tri-Band repeaters, example only 3G (single band), or Voice and Edge (dual band) or Voice/Edge/3G (tri band)etc.


Available Products:

Car Signal Booster (Single Band) - 900 MHz ( Just Voice ) For better voice communication

Car Signal Booster (Dual Band) - 900 and 1800 ( VOICE and Edge ) For better Voice communication and basic Internet like Whatsapp, Facebook and Email.

Car Signal Booster (Single Band) - 2100 ( 3G/WCDMA ) For 3G Signal improvements.

Car Signal Booster (Single Band) - LTE 1800 ( 4G/LTE ) For better 4G / LTE signal.

( All products, depending on your environment, give boosted signal

radius of 500 -1200 square meter)

  1. Building/Farm/Lodge/House signal booster - Entry level.

  2. Building/Farm/Lodge/House signal booster - Mid level unit.

  3. Building/Farm/Lodge/House signal booster - Strongest unit (recommended for Lodge.)

  4. Car Signal Booster - Boost signal in your car.

  5. Broadband signal booster - To improve the signal level your broadband router needs to improve internet speeds significantly. Boost up to 4G if available on your nearest tower.


Things you need:

  1. You need to have AT LEAST 1 or 2 bar CONSTANT signal to work. In some cases a higher pole will solve an issue with signal disappearing intermittently.

  2. You can ONLY amplify signal that is available on your nearest tower, example is that if you are on a farm out of town, you will not get 3G if you buy a 3G booster, because there is no 3G service on your tower.

  3. Permanent power is needed for the device, not solar power, normal power. Inverter to convert to normal AC will work as well.

Cellphone Signal Booster

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