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XDIT Taranaki Hotspot Server

Last Update:

 20 April 2023

An adaptable server that recovers costs through a unique, customisable Voucher system.



As a business you understand that every expense adds up and eats away at potential profit. Some more than others. Your internet doesn’t have to be one. With XDIT Taranaki Hotspot your establishment, whether it be a Hotel, B&B, Diner, Pub or other, can now recover its costs with Internet usage while providing clients with cost effective data options and better connections all with the help of XDIT Taranaki Hotspot Vouchers.





Your Internet is setup in such a way that your establishment is in control of your Internet access, connection speed and Internet usage. From here your business can start to recover its Internet costs and even make a profit from it.



Your internet is controlled with Vouchers that are sold individually or provided in conjunction with booked in services. With this system you can achieve the following:


  • With Vouchers, your establishment now has control of the Internet Usage and Access.

  • Owners can recover Internet costs through voucher sales.

  • Owners have control of Voucher size and expiration date.

  • The system itself improves over time due to frequent caching of frequented websites and programming updates.

  • Increased protection between internal LAN, Wifi Network and Internet.

  • We offer you many pricing options to cover your budget and compliment the way you run your business.



The Vouchers are the essential element to how your Internet is controlled, and are sold directly through your establishment to your clients allowing them access and the desired amount of data usage on your Internet hotspot.

Vouchers are “Once off” purchases, and each can be customised with a different value that works for you. Upon activation a ticket is created and the client’s Internet usage will remain active up until the data is exceeded or it has reached your desired expiration date.


The Server and Software is sold as a single package so it’s ready to use once we’ve installed it for you at your location. You can choose to purchase once off or rent it on a monthly basis. From there we will also provide basic maintenance.


Please contact us for a FREE assessment of your network and your needs.

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