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Internet connections 

​Via our approved Providers, including but not limited to: Fiber connections, Wimax connections, DLTE, Air Fiber, ADSL services & even broadband (3G/4G/LTE) accounts

IT Outsourcing services to companies

Support of your IT infrastructure without you having to employ in-house expensive resources that won’t be able to do this as well as we can. 

IT Software & Hardware sales 

Ranging from home based computing to mainline servers & hardware. (Laptops, Computers, Consumables, Microsoft etc.) 

Specialized IT outsourcing and support

Linux & Microsoft solutions

All tailored to suit the customers needs.


Content management 

Software & hardware.

WIFI & Point to Point Installation

For Home, Business, Lodges, Guesthouses, Schools etc. Any size solution! Upgrade and expand your WIFI signals!

Cellphone Signal Booster

Products & installations, mobile & building units.

Cellphone Signal Booster

Advance networking support & services

Including switches, routers, MPLS, Access networks, wireless networks, VPN solutions. Microwave links & firewalls.

Outsourced IT support 

Namibian & South African IT companies, support local customers.

Domain, Email and Web Hosting 

With 24 hour support based management services.

Internet connectivity, sales and support


Installations, maintenance & support.

Microwave networks

Remote solar network installations & CCTV systems.

Network & security audits  

Professional Network and Security audits for your business. Forensic audits or customized audits for legal purposes.

Website Creation

Design and management of your Website. 

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