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XDIT Taranaki VPN Service

Last Update:

28 May 2013

XDIT Namibia is proud to announce the 3rd Linux based product which will allow your company to connect to all your branches via a secured MPLS Type VPN link.

XDIT Namibia is proud to announce our 4th Product launched in Namibia.

Our new product is designed for any sized company that has a need to provide remote access for their staff to the company network. This product was designed not to interfere with any existing network devices, no changes to any configuration or any additional hardware needed to have this functionality.

This single server can be installed in any of the following environments you may have:


  • DMZ network

  • Internal Network

  • Public network

The server comes with a full maintenance and remote support contract included in the monthly price. When upgrades, new features or any related software changes become available, you will receive this free of charge. After the 2 year period expires, you will continue to pay a discounted price for remote support going into the future.

Some features of our “XDITVPN” service includes, but not limited to:


  • Ability to connect with your PC/Laptop/Imac/Macbook via 3G, ADSL, Wimax or branch offices.

  • Ability to connect from any Hotel, Airport or any Hotspot provider with Internet connection.

  • Ability to connect to your internal network shares and files.

  • Ability to get e-mail from your internal mail server.

  • Access your Pastel server for work or backup purposes.

  • Provide a support portal for your IT staff to do remote support for your staff.

  • Ability to connect with your IPAD or IPHONE to your Office network.

  • Access any internal network device you previously were only able to connect to whilst at the office.

  • Custom Firewall rules can be implemented to secure this even more.

Requirements to use our unit: (some very obvious)

*Must have an Internet connection at the office. (If you don’t have one, we can provide a quote on any type of connection)​

*Must have a firewall device to port forward all VPN traffic to our device. (If you don’t have one, we can provide a firewall as well).

*Your ADSL router can be changed to accommodate this device as well if you have no firewall.

Tried and tested in Namibia, for Namibia!

Taranaki VPN Service

Please contact us for a free quote today!

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