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Linux Solutions

Last Update:

15 November 2011

XDIT Namibia has the biggest Linux support base in Namibia. We constantly improve and develop new software to assist our customers with their business needs. 

We focus on providing companies like Africa Online with Linux solutions to run in conjunction with their great line of Internet lines to fulfill their customer needs.We currently support Redhat Linux, Fedora Linux, Mandrake Linux, CentOS Linux and other flavours.

We have installed Linux servers for all types of companies and industries, focusing on customized solutions and installation. We proud our self being able to provide 100% customized solutions, and not just "off the shelf" products like our competitors. Below an indication of what we can provide you, but inquire if you needs are not mentioned below:



Proxy Servers

We specialize in the installation of proxy or cache servers for any size company, from ISP level to small business at home. Proxy servers can be used for many reasons, where the major reason is to save on bandwidth usage on your internet line and to increase the speed of your Internet Browsing experience. Proxy server can also be used to monitor exactly what sites are accessed by your staff and have the capability to provide full reporting each month with a breakdown of top users. Proxy server can also be used at Internet Cafe's or companies where there is a need for authenticated browsing, by requesting a username and password before anyone can browse the internet.

Proxy server can also be used to throttle the internet speed to prevent your whole Internet line being used just for surfing the Internet. Proxy servers are also primarily used to block certain sites and files to improve work flow and prevent unnecessary time spent on Facebook or downloading of mp3 file etc.

Mail Servers

Linux Mail servers are renowned for their superior handling of email and services, even in the most demanding and busiest networks in the world. All major networks are running Linux mails servers, due to the fact that they are robust, reliable, fast and FREE. We have full experience in setting up any mail server for any environment.

We have experience in building mail servers for ISP's, Relay mail servers, authentication mail servers, corporate mail servers and webmail servers around the world. Mail servers can be used to report on mail usage per user, control delivery of mail to multiple users from one mail address, have access to your email via the Internet (web Interface), hosting of client emails or even act as a hosting mail server for SME businesses.


Linux firewalls have long been in use on the Internet to protect Company networks. Each year we have more and more threats coming out and the hacker communities are finding more ways to break into your company networks.

It is vital that you have excellent protection on your company WAN network. We have the experience to install a fully dedicated Linux Firewall, even connecting and protecting 5 to 7 networks on one server, depending on the amount of network cards and networks you have. Firewalls can also be used to separate your networks internally from each other or have a DMZ zone where you can host other servers as well.

Firewalls can also be used to split your Production network from you Test network etc. This is very useful for a company that needs to test certain products or software before making them live for customers.

Linux Solutions

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