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By Design
a Small,
Highly Focused,


Support of your IT infrastructure without you having to employ in-house expensive resources that won’t able to do this as well as we can. 


An adaptable server setup in such a way that your establishment is in control of your Internet access, connection speed and Internet usage through a unique, customisable Voucher system.


An adaptable server setup in such a way that your establishment is in control of your Internet access, connection speed and Internet usage through a unique, customisable Voucher system.



An adaptable server 
that recovers internet costs 
through a unique, customisable Voucher system.

With XDIT Taranaki Hotspot your establishment, whether it be a Hotel, B&B, Diner, Pub or other, can now recover its costs with Internet usage while providing clients with cost effective data options and better connections all with the help of  XDIT Taranaki Hotspot Vouchers.


Mission Statement

​Our mission is to deliver top quality skills in specialized areas of I.T. in Namibia, supplementing day to day company resource requirements in the most cost efficient manner.


Specialised skills are expensive and difficult to keep challenged in the ongoing operational environment. By providing these skills to medium and large corporates, XDIT Namibia is able to smooth resource requirements and minimize costs. At the same time customer staff do not feel threatened in their work environment and XDIT Namibia staff get job satisfaction through job diversity and new environments. Definitely a win-win situation.

Company Profile

XDIT Namibia is, by design, a small, highly focused, operation. This is deliberate and planned. The failure to deliver cost effective service, in a highly competitive and over traded market, is often due to the formation of a structure, loaded with managers and sales staff, who are trying to grow the company, but are overheads. XDIT Namibia is structured and staffed so that all field employees generate revenue by providing services. The senior staff are all productively deployed on various client sites and, in the course of their daily tasks, fulfill the client’s service requirement, manage the junior engineers, and sell services. This enables XDIT Namibia to provide superior skills at a lower cost, but still to be profitable.

Affirmative Action Policy

XDIT Namibia focus on the employment of previously disadvantaged members of our community. We also believe in growing each employee, support each employee by providing the necessary training and skills development to assist Namibia in growing our skills and ultimately our economy. We currently proud our self with a 75 % Affirmative Action employment rate.

Customer Relationships

XDIT Namibia's solutions consist of a very focused strategy of delivering full service offerings in high nett-worth “Blue Chip” companies. These solutions encompass a remote support model that allows XDIT Namibia to supply the skills required by these companies while maintaining realistic total cost to company IT budgets. In addition to this, the services rendered are viewed on a “Your Budget is My Budget” basis, and managed as if owned and operated by XDIT Namibia. The logic behind this is that our customers are all successful companies in their own right, and, as such, every Dollar spent on IT has been hard earned elsewhere in the company. Thus our customers obtain good return for their IT spend as XDIT Namibia integrates into their business as an interested partner that has the necessary skills profile as well as business acumen. All engineers employed at these sites have the ability to manage themselves and integrate exceptionally well within the customer environment. The extent to which this integration takes place is often stated by the customer seeing us as members of their own staff.

Market Position

Although small, XDIT Namibia has an excellent reputation in the market, looking after all IT related business for many of Swakopmund's biggest mines and companies. We are expanding into the whole of Namibia and currently have offices in Windhoek and Swakopmund. We support customers throughout Namibia on a daily basis.

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